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Mass and Confession Times

St. Paul

Weekday Mass: 6:30pm (Spanish)

Saturday Vigil: 5pm (Spanish, English, Latin)

Sunday Mass: 8am (Spanish), 10am (English), 12pm (Spanish)

Confessions – Saturday: 4:30pm

Confessions – Sunday: By appointment

St. Adalberts

Weekday mass: 9am (Spanish)

Sunday Mass: 10am (English), 12pm (Spanish)

1st Sunday Each Month: 8am (Polish)

Confessions: 11am, Sundays

Ministries and Groups

Parish Ministries

Join one of our many ministries. Commit to life-long faith formation, parish vitality and community involvement.

Hey! We’ve been waiting for you…

Our calendar is full of events that will bring you closer to God, your community and your church. From small groups intended for faith formation, to fundraisers that support our school – this is where you come to find your place. Click on any date to see what is happening and view the full calendar to search by ministry.

  1. 21 Sep

    Bibles and Bicycles

    7:00 am
  2. 24 Sep

    Alpha in Spanish!

    6:30 pm
  3. 25 Sep


    2:00 pm
    St. Paul Church
  4. 25 Sep

    Alpha in English!

    6:30 pm

Religious Education

We believe faith formation begins with baptism and are focused on working with you to prepare your children for lifelong faith

our program

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    Reflections on Beauty

    Reflections on Beauty I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about the transcendental… the 3 essential qualities human beings desire and seek.  They are beauty, truth, and goodness.  Some people add a fourth, justice.  Philosophers have been thinking about these for centuries, and I think it’s very important that we moderns do some thinking […]

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    A letter from Fr. Mike – 2

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    A letter from Fr. Mike

    Dear Parishioners, What a great looking website! I know these things look pretty simple and straightforward, and that’s the intention of the people who make them. They want us to be able to go from place to place on the site without trouble, and to be able to access information and put information in seamlessly. […]

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    Bishop Casey’s Visit

    We were so excited to have Bishop Casey here to celebrate mass on October 28th at 8am. He is so kind and is working very hard for our communities. Thank you for visiting Bishop. We will continue to pray for you as you do God’s work!  

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    Bibles and Brewskies

    This group was started by the Evangelization Team at St. Paul. Each week, these men get a small booklet and discuss the upcoming week’s readings. They meet at Martin’s Corner, across the street from the church, and spend time focusing on scripture and the history of our faith. This series gives us a deeper understanding […]

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    The History of St. Paul

    Originally, St. Paul Catholic Church was organized to serve 40 German families living in east Pilsen in 1876. Three years later, the parish purchased a large wooden building on 18th Street and Carpenter from St. Francis of Assisi Parish. That building was moved to our present location in 1880. Parishioners wanted a school to educated […]

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    Evangelization Team at St. Paul

    Meet your Evangelization TEAM! We are the crazy folks who are bringing things like Family Movie Nights, Parishioner Welcome Events, and small groups (like Bibles and Brewskies and Women and the Word). We are a passionate group of wild and crazy kids who love our church, want to spread the love of Christ and are […]

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    Our Fountain Fixer Upper

    We have a beautiful fountain and we love the way it looks outside... but last winter... the pipes froze. Fr. Mike decided to use his creative side to try to fix. Two giant clear pipes and a motor that will pull the water through. It was perfect (if we had volunteers who would stand there and hold them all summer long). Needless to say... we are still hoping for a fix sometime next summer. Any ideas? Email us if you have the solution!

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