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A letter from Fr. Mike

Dear Parishioners,
What a great looking website! I know these things look pretty simple and straightforward, and that’s the intention of the people who make them. They want us to be able to go from place to place on the site without trouble, and to be able to access information and put information in seamlessly. Thanks to Donna Graves and her team we have a great site. They have been working on it for months and they are still putting the final touches in. If you have a suggestion or an idea to improve the site, I’m sure they’ll be happy to listen and make it even better than it already is.
I am coming to the close of my time here in South America, and I’ll be happy to head north in a few days. I’ll be leaving for Mexico on the 27th of this month. During the past few months, I’ve had the chance to do a lot of reading and thinking about theology and art. I’ve also had great conversations with priests and theologians, and lay people about the role of beauty and truth and goodness in our culture. I have also noticed that there are some things that are very different around here! There are a few words that make me laugh (in Spanish… I mean the words are in Spanish, I think laughing is universal!). There are also some different ways of thinking and putting reality together that stand apart from the usual American way of looking at things. I have enjoyed seeing the differences, and it’s helped my thinking and reflecting. I hope you hear some of these things when I return home and start preaching again. I miss you all, I miss my family, and I miss acting as your priest and pastor! Please keep me in your prayers, and I promise you my prayers for you. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, too!
Fr. Mike Enright