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Clogged Pipes

When you’ve been around old rectories for a while you start to learn a lot about boilers, pipes, rooves, bricks and all the rest.  One of the things that’s true about 120-year-old rectories is that often enough the plumbing is 120 years old.  That’s the case at St. Paul.  We had a study done a […]

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What is a parish?

What is a parish?  How does a parish fit into the structure of a diocese, and the church as a whole?  It’s worth reflecting on these questions since a lot of Catholics have no idea about how the church is structured.  If Catholics even think about their parishes, often enough they’re thinking like Protestants or Evangelicals… and without knowing it they have walked away from what the church teaches about parishes, and the universal call to salvation that Jesus wants his church to announce.

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Reflecciones de la Belleza

Reflecciones de la Belleza He estado leyendo mucho últimamente sobre lo trascendental… las 3 cualidades esenciales que los seres humanos desean y buscan.  Son belleza, verdad y bondad.  Algunas personas añaden un cuarto, la justicia.  Los filósofos han estado pensando en esto durante siglos, y creo que es muy importante que la gente de hoy también […]

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