This is ONE of THREE important initiatives at our church. Stewardship is about TIME, TALENT and TREASURE. This page is all about giving your TIME to your faith. Many people confuse TIME with TALENT. They think we are asking about volunteerism. But we are asking about your commitment to your relationship with Christ.

How much TIME do you spend working on your faith? We have many ministries and groups that would provide you with an opportunity to grow in faith.

This year.. make the commitment to grow in faith!

A Good Steward

A good steward is responsible for many different gifts, put yourself at the service of others. 1 Peter 4:10

TIME: Your FAITH Pledge

Many people believe that TIME is related to how many hours you give to volunteerism. At. St. Paul, we KNOW that TIME is actually referring to how committed you are to investing in your faith? This is a commitment to live as Jesus taught us. Will you join our parishioners in committing to your faith?